PITANGA FUND II is active and selecting new investments

Fundo Pitanga invests in deep tech startups with high growth potential.

Our goal is to work with early stage companies and to help entrepreneurs build their businesses.

The type of innovation we look to support should involve the development and deployment of new scientific discoveries or innovative technologies.

We look for businesses that address large markets and can capture a significant fraction of these markets in a short period of time. We believe that, in order to achieve this goal, companies must deploy a set of innovations capable of generating wide competitive advantage.

When these conditions are met, Pitanga is prepared to provide the capital necessary to develop and commercialize such technologies.

We contribute the required capital and support the companies by participating in the board of directors.

We have no limitations regarding sectors or geographies. However, we prefer to invest in Latin American companies or companies that have a significant presence in the region.

We intend to invest in a limited number of companies to be chosen through a rigorous selection process.

Launched in 2011, Pitanga Fund I is fully deployed and, therefore, closed for new investments.

Launched in 2020, Pitanga Fund II is active and selecting new investments.